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How it Happens

Our telesales staff ring local businesses in your area telling them we are producing a magazine on your behalf, telling them what a wonderful job you all do, and gaining their support by placing an advertisement in your magazine.

This is a very soft approach with absolutely no hard sales tactics, we are contracted to you and our sales staff make it very clear to potential advertisers that we are selling on behalf of your hospital radio station for advertisements within your hospital radio magazine. Rates charged are competitive and cost effective. When an advertiser expresses interest they are then sent by post a package containing a letter of thanks, a form for their signature confirming the size advertisement and price and a pro-forma invoice. Nothing more is done until the signed confirmation and advertisement content is received. They are also at liberty to cancel their order at any time. On publication we send every advertiser a voucher copy of your magazine.



There are no costs whatsoever to you.

The revenue obtained from advertising sales pays all the costs involved in producing your magazine. Sales staff commissions, telephone costs, production and printing costs, delivery, invoicing and administration costs etc, are all covered.


We give you between usually £1000 minimum and £2500 plus, dependent only on the catchment area for your hospital.

Your profit is 10% of the advertising revenue obtained on each and every publication we produce for you but in practical terms, taking into account what it would cost you to have your magazine professionally produced plus the money we give you, you actually receive around 60% of the revenue obtained. You get your money generally within 90 days of publication. As soon as advertisers pay us, we pay you. We are happy to make interim payments if required. Accompanying your donation cheque you receive a financial statement for your treasurer showing how it has been calculated.


What your magazine will look like

Your magazine is A5 size, with full colour artboard cover and full colour throughout, printed on high quality art paper. We have the very latest computor technology and software.
As all top professional publishers we have industry standard equipment which, for the technically minded, includes Apple Macintosh page make-up systems using Quark Express and Adobe Photoshop.
Your magazine will contain around 50% editorial and 50% advertising with advertisements well integrated.

Click on a cover to see a larger version:



Double page spread example


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